Cardboard Tube Caps

We supply tube caps in a range of sizes, colours and materials. So whether you want cheap plastic caps, metal end caps designed to add a wow factor for high end products, triangular anti-roll end caps to save you money on shipping or paper based tube caps for enhancing your green credentials by reducing plastic in the environment.

Our recently introduced fibre board end cap is 100% eco-friendly and produced from UK waste corrugated board and produced exclusively in the UK to achieve reduced product miles.

Cardboard Tube Plugs

All Kinds Of Cardboard Tube Caps

We supply a wide range of end caps for both our own cardboard tubes and those produced by other manufacturers. Of course they can be used for multiple items that need capping. We have caps to fit the majority of diameter tubes we produce including our main stock sizes: 21mm PiP or large letter tubes, 1″ diameter tubes, 38mm tubes, 50mm diameter tubes, 63.5mm diameter tubes, 75mm diameter tubes, 76mm diameter, 100mm diameter tubes, 101.4mm diameter tubes, 150mm diameter tubes, 152.4mm diameter tubes, 200mm diameter tubes, 203.2mm diameter tubes, 254mm diameter tubes, 300mm diameter tubes and 304.8mm diameter tubes.

We also have a range of other sizes so if you don’t see the size you require, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help supply the size you need.

Eco-friendly Postal Tube Caps

Environmentally Friendly Fibre Board End Caps

We have introduced an alternative to metal or plastic postal tube end caps in the form of a fibre board version for those wishing to avoid the use of plastic in their packaging. Made from recycled and recyclable paper pulp our fibre board or strong paper tube caps are manufactured purely from sustainable sources. We utilise the waste corrugated board produced from the production of cardboard boxes and cartons. Currently available in 2″ diameter, we plan to introduce fibre board caps in 3″ and 4″ diameters soon – with the potential for large diameter eco-friendly caps for postal tubes to follow at a later date.

Triangular Anti Roll Postal Tube Caps

Anti Roll Cardboard Tube Caps

Triangular End Caps For Postal Tubes

We worked with a design partner & many of the world’s leading parcel carriers to solve the issue of postal tubes rolling off the conveyors and tilt trays used in modern parcel sortation systems. Extensive testing of square, rectangular and triangular caps proved that a triangular cap is by far the most effective at preventing rolling and allows the tubes to be processed with no more need for manual handling or intervention than conventional parcels.

As a result users of ARO Caps, our triangular anti-roll caps can avoid manual handling charges from some carriers for packages that can’t be sorted automatically. This often allows our customers to make huge savings on their carriage costs.

Metal Tube Caps

Metal End Caps For Cardboard Tubes

Metal end caps will give a premium and luxury feel to any cardboard tube they are used with. We provide cardboard tubes with metal caps to numerous high end companies for ensuring their product packaging stands out from the croud and oozes quality to their customers.

Our metal tube stoppers or caps are available in a range of colours and are held in stock, so there are no minimum order quantities.

Cardboard Tubes With Metal Caps
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