Postal tubes on factory shelf

Postal Tubes

We produce millions of postal tubes every year for customers that need to send posters, paintings and other valuable artwork safely to their clients all over the world. We hold the UK’s largest range of postal tubes in stock for fast turnaround but we can also manufacture postal tubes to your specific requirements if needed.

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Stock & Custom Made Postal Tubes

A Whole Range Of Possibilities

Extra Long Cardboard Tubes

We hold a large range of extra long poster tubes in stock and can also produce cardboard postal tubes up to six metres in length when required.

Artists often use our wide diameter extra long mailing tubes for oversized paintings and other large forms of artwork to help ensure their items arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Extra Strong Tubes For Secure Postage

Our mailing tubes come in a large variety of wall thicknesses, depending on what they are being used for. If you are sending out extremely valuable rolled items inside a cardboard tube you are likely going to want a really robust mailing tube with a thicker wall.

We hold tubes with various wall thicknesses in stock, including: 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm but can produce bespoke tubes with a wall thickness up to 13mm offering an almost indestructible level of protection.

Extra strong cardboard postal tubes
Coloured postal tubes – choose the exact Pantone colour for your poster mailing tubes.

Coloured Mailing Tubes

Not only do postal tubes come in all sorts of lengths, strengths and diameters. They come in a range of stunning colours too.

We have a large holding of stock coloured paper, but if necessary we can produce postal tubes in any Pantone colour required if you need us to produce your postal or poster tubes in exactly the right colour. This service is ideal for marketing companies or advertising agencies working on a client’s campaign.

Extra Wide Postal Tubes

We can make your cardboard tubes in a huge range of large diameters. This makes our wider diameter tubes an extremely versatile product suited to a huge range of applications from shipping rolled artwork or other paper items or engineering components, lighting tubes, aerials, roller blinds and a vast range of other longer goods.

They are often used for sending oil paintings as the wide diameter allows them to be rolled loosely to prevent cracking during transit. They are also ideal as concrete forms in construction projects or as cores for carpets and textiles.

We can produce custom cardboard tubes to your exact requirements.

Wide Diameter Cardboard Tubes
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